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A short study

Nice Episode is a short study from 1996 that was made in technically speaking, a transitional period in my studio. The period with the Yamaha synthesizer was coming to an end and I was experimenting with CDP (Composers Desktop Project) with which sound files could be edited or created, and also with the then fairly new stereo sound software Cool-Edit. I also experimented with a few sound effects, but I don't remember where they came from, what they did, or how they were controlled.

Sound fragments

During listening there are a few sound fragments which I still recognise. For example, there is the marble which rolls away and back in a wooden cigar box. That was a small marble, not perfectly round, and the box was a long narrow one. Someone had given me that once for my birthday. And believe it or not, I still have that box.

Further I hear the sound of drinking glasses of which I recorded the clatter and of which especially the sound of the thick bottoms bouncing against each other interested me, but that was not used here.

Finally there is a recording of people talking on the intimate and cosy little village square of the southern Spanish mountain village of Cassares.

Listening to the sounds

I myself listen with pleasure to the sounds in this 3 minute piece and together with the aspect of the transition period, especially those sounds are the reason why it is mentioned here. This is also, I remember, the explanation of the title. A beautiful sound as a transitional episode.

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