Dirk Veulemans - Composer

1/1  Prime numbers

Beautiful in its simplicity

Prime numbers. The first mathematical peculiarity taught as early as primary school. Simple, and fascinating at the same time.

Numbers as performers

No complicated theory, but letting the numbers speak for themselves. They work out their own rhythm and have their own specific pitch. To do that, each number listens to a metronome and follows an algorithm by which it decides when to sound. It is very special how prime pitches in prime time-intervals are experienced as music.

If we want to be inclusive, the Non-Prime numbers must also be involved. These can easily be combined as simple ratios and provide harmonious tonal relationships and an enriching contrast to the prime numbers


This algorithm was realised in Max/MSP and the MIDI stream was transferred into piano roll software, edited therein and finally played on 2 pipe organs

laatste update: 2022.12.08

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