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1/1  Listening to a reconstruction of nature

The Japanese way of experiencing

Being fascinated by the specific traditional culture of Japan and being able to experience it in Japan itself. The way it is cultivated to watch and listen to beautiful little natural moments. The Japanese way of also bringing these moments into gardens and parks and depicting them in poetry and music. That way achieving a total experience.

Falling leaves

What we Westerners also tend to enjoy, becomes a true culture in Japan. Watching the brightly coloured leaves swirl gently from the trees, carried by the wind.

Separate words for autumn leaves turning colour "kouyou" (紅葉 / こうよう) and for leaves that then cover the landscape like a carpet "rakuyou" (落葉 / らくよう).

Watching fish in a pond

Like the sight of falling leaves, fish swimming around in a pond are another element in the Japanese experience of constructed nature. There is nothing more soothing than watching life in the water.


The Japanese harp, that is how the koto is sometimes called. The sound of this instrument invited me to start experimenting with its sound in a composition. That's how these two Japanese sketches initially took shape.

When my pipe organs were ready, I reworked them into two organ compositions in which the koto possibilities are reflected especially in the autumn leaves section. This section was also written monophonically.

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