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1/1  The flywheel as storage of energy


This composition results from the third part of a composition originally created for a clarinetist and supported by an acousmatic studio composition. Read more about this on the other Take-U page.

In this third movement, the imaginary kinetic energy, built up and accumulated in the first movement, can slowly come to rest like a flywheel that silently bulges and finally comes to a halt.

The clarinet part from this 3rd movement was created with the support of an algorithm of which some parameters, which could partially influence its operation, remained controllable on the computer screen.

From clarinet to organ

The clarinet part from this 3rd movement also turned out to sound very nice on my two self-built pipe organs. Of course, this arrangement also took advantage of the specific possibilities of MIDI control. As a result, the accompanying acoustic part could be omitted.

laatste update: 2022.12.08

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