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1/7  20 electromagnets and the electronic control system

2/7  Software on the computer makes the organ pipes play

3/7  A view of part of the very first setup

4/7  A mathematical formula that produces notes

5/7  View on the construction of organ pipes during the student project

6/7  Arrangement of the wind chest and blower during the student project

7/7  Another view of wind chest and blower during the student project

Getting started

For a long time, since my first computer in 1982, I have felt the urge to control things with a computer. After following a course in instrument building in Puurs, the idea came to me to control a harpsichord by computer. So after a very long time, it turned out to be an organ. The pipes for it were for sale on ebay around 2003 and after the purchase, they have been waiting for action for more than 10 years.

School project

That action started by organising an organ project in which 17 pupils each had to glue together a different organ pipe in order to place these all together on a MIDI controlled wind chest. In preparation, this wind chest was made, a blower was provided, control electronics were purchased and tested, electromechanical valves were purchased and the ebay organ pipes were set to work. This student project, which turned out very well and actually deserves a separate story, launched my organ project.

Success and failure

It started with the blower I bought from organ factory J. Verbeeck. For that, I built a self-designed reservoir bellow with pond foil and that did not work at all. So, for the test set-up, I left out the reservoir. Apparently, the fan could easily accommodate the 20 organ pipes. But now the speed had to be adjustable in order to regulate the wind pressure. An electronic control with a 3-phase motor took care of that.

Great to hear the first melodies. What could be played with the restriction of 20 notes exceeded my expectations.

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