Dirk Veulemans - Composer

1/4  Detail from a miniature paradise.
(photo: collectie Jean-Marc Lebout)

2/4  The miniature paradise is an automaton that produces bird sounds.
(photo: collectie Jean-Marc Lebout)

3/4  No paradise without birds.
(photo: collectie Jean-Marc Lebout)

4/4  Birds make a paradise come alive.
(photo: collectie Jean-Marc Lebout)

Happiness and sadness

Paradise is a concept with great stratification.

We can be charmed by the phenomenon of man observing the reality around him and trying to grasp that reality by reconstructing it himself.
At the same time, there is also a tristesse about man's impotence against his own primal urges, which he will sooner or later succumb to.

Reconstruction and Ersatz

Making imitation birds. A playful ode to nature. What is beautiful and wondrous, trying to make it yourself. The beauty of imperfection in reconstruction.

Where is the distinction between passionate reconstruction and ersatz. The distinction between art and functional substitutes for the real?

laatste update: 2022.12.07

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