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1/5  A pure algoritm is a set of instructions which are executed in sequence

2/5  A pu e algor m is a se of in ruct ons w ch a e exe uted in s uence

3/5  A p u ..e a o.r m is a s. e of in r . t on s .w c a e. e u e.d in .s n.ce

4/5  An algorithm (Working Draft of Genesis)

5/5  An algorithm (Working Draft of Genesis)


"Algorithm" was an idea from a few years ago (2010) to make a meta piece that even almost literally tells how I make my music: with algorithms. A meta piece was exactly what I thought would fit on the first FINGERPRINTS-CD of the composers association ComAV.

The businesslike emotionless male voice at the beginning fits well with the procedure-like style of a computer language. The other sounds I use, in contrast to this formality, come from synthesis techniques that create chaotic sound from the feedback in digital delay lines.

Algorithm Version II

In "Algorithm II", I elaborate on this idea in which I try to control the chaos in the synthesizer sound with algorithms. At times, an algorithm in Max/MSP controls hundreds of parameters simultaneously, something which is only possible with computer algorithms.


My composition "Algorithm II" became for me during the composing process a metaphor for the search for predictability and certainty in a chaotic world that has more parameters than we can control. In my opinion, getting used to an unavoidable dose of chaos is not a bad thing.


Creation: Amiens (F), Festival JIMEC Nov 30, 2017.

laatste update: 2022.05.17

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