Dirk Veulemans - Composer

1/1  This 90° rotated smoke trail is almost a perfect graphic representation of the composition.

Ceremony (binaural stereo remix - headphones recommended)

Perceptual resonance

During recent sound research in the already long-familiar FM synthesis technique (FM = Frequency Modulation), I became fascinated by slow changes of FM sounds.

That slowness, combined with a certain degree of simplicity, brought to me what I would call, a perceptual resonance with the properties of slowness and simplicity.

A curious state of alertness mixed with calmness. This state remains strangely uninterrupted when the soundscape suddenly completely changes.


Some elements of the sounds used remind me of sounds I heard at a fire ceremony I happened to experience at a temple in Nikko, Japan, in 2019. Both the musical aspect of that ceremony and the fascination at its performance left a strong impression on me.

That perceptual resonance, together with this ceremony experience explain the name of this composition to which a second part will be added later.

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